Frequently Asked Questions - A growing list in progress

  1. Do you have children’s sizing available?
    The manufacturer promotes that the regular face masks fits 12-year old’s through adults best. The material of the mask is stretchy, soft, & comfortable! We are developing a child size for ages 2-11, & smaller teens. It should be available soon!

  2. Are iMasks washable?
    Yes, the manufacturer recommends hand washing / air dry.

  3. Does the adhesive come loose easily so you can change the filter?
    Yes, they do. The filter and the adhesive are disposable. The adhesive is a double-sided foam sticker.

  4. What is the mask fabric texture like?
    It is like a neoprene, but aerated. Very soft and smooth to the touch. Definitely the most comfortable mask on the market.

  5. Do you provide samples?
    Not as this time. Feel free to visit our direct to consumer site to purchase 1-offs.

  6. Do the masks fit well?
    They are more contoured and form fitting to the face than other masks. Think of leggings fit for you face.

  7. You describe your product as organic. Can you elaborate on this
    Organic Man-Made Fibers of Synthetic Polymers. Organic MMF can be made from natural materials like wood, or are made from synthetic polymers.

  8. Does the mask come with 1 filter initially?

  9. Are the colors true to the ones pictured or is it a little brighter in person?
    Colors are true - they are muted to not be obnoxious

  10. What does “melt blown” material mean?
    It is high efficiency filter material used in all medical masks. It is the main material that filters out the bad stuff.

  11. The mask prevents me from opening my smartphone with face recognition.
    Join the club! It’s a new world. Hope there is an app for that soon!

  12. What does your tag line mean?
    Glad you asked! At the beginning of each month - we add up all the masks we sold, and we donate that number to a group of first responders or essential workers.

  13. Loving your brand! Are you planning more product introductions
    Thanks so much! And yes, we are! We will be launching Mask Extenders that take the PAIN away from you ears when you have to wear any mask but ours We have a kids mask line in the works with bright fun patterns. Next in the pipeline, will be some great patterns for our adult masks. Then we are looking at a unique hand sanitizer collection- along with some new and unique tools and products that help you avoid exposure to germs and other bad stuff. Stay Tuned!

  14. Do you offer wholesale shopping?
    Yes! Please email us at now for more information and special wholesale pricing.